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Johannes Mayer, Austrian Federal Environment Agency, Vienna

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The online information services of the Austrian Federal Environment Agency can be reached via the Internet address (URL):

The site gives access to English and German summaries of the Agency's publications on all aspects of environmental protection and state of the environment monitoring. The full text of our publications is usually in German, if not indicated otherwise by an English publication title. The ordering information for the publications also contains an on-line order form.

Information notes (UBA-aktuell) and the monthly bulletin UBA-Info report on current projects and activities of the Agency (in German).

State of the Environment in Austria

A central part of our web-site is information on the State of the Environment in Austria (Umweltsituation in Oesterreich). Two highlights of the data by now available are on-line access to continuously updated data from the Austrian air quality monitoring stations or groundwater quality data from all 1700 sampling points within Austria; both menu points are explained in German and English.

Online Access to Austrian Air Quality Data

A pilot project for advanced telematics application is online access to Air Quality Data from Austrian Monitoring sites. On a Map of Austria our virtual visitors can choose an air pollutant (at present available: Ozone, Sulphur Dioxide or Nitrogen Dioxide) and a time span (last day, last three days, last week, last month) and then point to a monitoring site for obtaining a chart with an up-to-date representation of the air quality data requested (all data are half hour mean values).

This telematics application is based technically on the structure of the Austrian Ozone Monitoring network, which has been established by the Federal Environment Agency and the Provincial Authorities to establish a national alert system for high levels of tropospheric ozone concentrations in the summer months. Data can be retrieved for all continuously operating air quality monitoring sites in Austria connected to the network (about 120 sites).

Ozone information

During the summer months (from April to September), reports on the concentrations of tropospheric ozone (according to the Austrian Ozone Act) and ozone concentrations maps for Austria are available twice a day.

Austrian EMAS-Directory

An example of the environmental registers available on the Agency's web-server is the Austrian directory of the Community eco-management and audit scheme (EMAS) according to the EU Council Regulation No. 1836/93 of 29 June 1993. The objective of the scheme is to promote continuous improvements in the environmental performance of industrial activities by the establishment and implementation of environmental policies, programmes and management systems by companies, in relation to their sites. Important elements are the systematic, objective and periodic evaluation of the performance of such elements and the provision of information of environmental performance to the public.

National and International Environmental Information Sources

Due to the extremely fast development of on-line information sources on the Internet, adequate navigation tools are of steadily growing importance. Two pages accessible directly from the Agency's homepage offer a register of links to Austrian and International Environmental Information Sources.

On European level, the Austrian Federal Environment Agency is taking the initiative for a World-Wide-Web-project to integrate environmental information sources in Europe. The basic aims of this project are:

Management and Funding:

Future development (= possible transfers after the pilote phase):

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