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Who is ISEP?

The International Society for Environmental Protection was founded in 1987, initiated by an international council of experts, as an international non-profit organization. ISEP is a forum for the presentation of different views on environmental policies on an international level with special emphasis on a fair and equal co-operation between environmental experts and the business world. IT constitutes an independent platform for all countries and their organizations, for science and industry, technology and management, research and production which are concerned with environmental protection on an international scale.


ISEP’s main target is to initiate and promote the exchange of knowledge and information on environmental issues among partners from science and research, public authorities, the economic sector and NGOs. Active participation in environmental information networks is the foundation of ISEP’s activities, where ‘networking’ is understood as both the distribution of information via electronic media and the maintenance of direct, personal contact to specialists and institutions. ISEP is intensively co-operating with Austrian and European partners and holds contacts to international institutions such as the European Environment Agency (EEA) and UN organizations (UNEP). In order to facilitate the exchange of environmental information, ISEP has organized a number of international conferences and workshops on topics such as environmental technology, tourism and questions of environmental policy. By using most recent communication technology ISEP is also able to provide on-line environmental information on the Internet. Lately, ISEP has become involved in the development of national and European environmental information systems.

ISEP members

ISEP is an NGO and a 'private association', supported by its members, renowned companies and individuals for whom environmental protection is an important concern.

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