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Pan-European Environmental Telematics User Forum
June 21, 1999, Munich, Germany
Organised within the CAPE Project (Co-ordinated Action for Pan-European Transport and Environmental Implementation Support)
Panel DiscussionReal Audio
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DETERMINE - Environment and Related Transport Telematics Results
International Conference
June 4-5, 1998, Szentendre, Hungary
Innovative Services and Solutions for the Citizen
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Workshop "Internet for Environmental Communication"
May 30-31, 1996, Vienna, Austria
Organised by the International Society for Environmental Protection (ISEP) on behalf of Federal Ministry for Environment, Youth and Family and the Federal Environment Agency Vienna. The Workshop was attended by more than 40 environmental communication officers of governmental agencies and NGO services, coming from 20 European countries and Canada. The Workshop was a follow-up event of the Workshop "Environmental Communication Strategies", held in The Hague in September 1995.
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ENVIROTOUR VIENNA conferences in 1992 and 1993 on "Strategies for Reducing the Environmental Impact of Tourism" and "Environmentally Sound Tourism - Towards a Change in Attitudes and Practices", which brought together tourism practitioners and researchers for in-depth discussions while providing information on existing, successful solutions and models within the field of environmentally sound tourism.
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ENVIROTECH VIENNA conferences in 1989, 1990 and 1992,
dealing with hazardous waste management, remediation of contaminated sites, industrial risk assessment, water purification, waste reduction and the development of circular processes, legislative regulations, and design criteria for environmentally sound processes.
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International forum on environmental energy resources, the European market economy and environment-related regulations

Dioxins and furanes expert meeting describing sources of hazardous substances, mainly from incineration processes, their transition into the environment, and their effects on human health.


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