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Pan-European Environmental Telematics User Forum

June 21, 1999
Munich, Germany

Organised within the CAPE Project (Co-ordinated Action for Pan-European Transport and Environmental Implementation Support) by Promotion of Operational Links with Integrated Services (POLIS), Brussels, the International Society for Environmental Protection (ISEP), the Regional Environmental Centre (REC), Hungary, and the Department for Health and Environment of the City of Munich on behalf of the Telematics Application Programme and the International Co-operation Programme, within the 4th Framework Programme for RTD of the European Union (1994-1998) of the European Commission, Directorate General XIII, Information Society: Telecommunications, Markets, Technologies - Innovation and Exploitation of Research.

The strategic objectives of the conference were:

  • To disseminate proven and practical solutions to common environmental and transport-related problems of local and regional authorities.
  • To provide access to results from successful demonstration projects through knowledge transfer activities in the areas of transport and environment telematics.
  • To support consensus formation among public authorities on key issues of environmental and transport management.
  • To involve new authorities in European RTD programmes and to establish direct links between local authorities in the EU and CEEC/NIS.
  • To extend the empirical basis of already available survey work (previously undertaken by the REC, in the context of the EDC Project and separately through the POLIS Network as well as forthcoming results of the DETERMINE Project) towards the actual status and priorities of telematics implementation in the areas of
  • advanced environment management and information systems in the EU
  • application of transport and environment-related technical systems in the CEEC and NIS.
  • To analyse the requirements, opportunities and obstacles to telematics implementation in CEEC/NIS cities in the context of their technical and organisational frameworks.
  • To define examples of good practice on the basis of results from demonstration projects for environmental and transport management considering the specific requirements in CEEC/NIS authorities.
  • To contribute to consensus formation and dissemination of good practice among public authorities in the area of environment telematics through two focused user fora meetings.
  • To define and conduct three telematics workshops for decision makers and practitioners from local authorities in the area of transport and environment telematics.

CAPE aimed to achieve these objectives by combining its activities with supplementary support from partner networks and other international organisations and by building up synergies with work undertaken in other contexts. In particular, close cooperation was established with ongoing activities on the European level, e.g. the Environment Telematics User Forum on Air and Water Pollution Management - Expert Group (ENWAP).

CAPE utilised the results gained from the DETERMINE Conference as highly valuable input for the issue of Status and Framework of Telematics Implementation

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