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Co-ordinated Action for Pan-European Transport and Environment Telematics Implementation Support

CAPE is a EU-funded project that aims to encourage the greater use of information technologies (IT) in Western, Central and Eastern Europe to help local and regional authorities solve environment and transport problems.

CAPE is a support action contributing significantly to exploiting the results of past and on-going projects providing well-proven, cost-efficient and effective it-based solutions.

CAPE aims at raising awareness about the potentials of IT solutions for transport and environmental problems (including technologies supporting public access to information, assisting public involvement in the decision-making process, monitoring the state of the environment and helping in transport management)

Specifically, CAPE will provide:

  • improved knowledge on local authorities’ current situation and priorities for advanced technologies in the transport and environment sectors at the pan-European level;
  • good practice for policy-making and system implementation;
  • organisation of conferences and technical workshops in the first semester of ’99 in Central and Eastern Europe as well as in the EU.


CAPE aims to raise awareness to telematics-based solutions that are intended to help solve environment and transport-related problems in the cities and regions of Western, Central and Eastern Europe.

CAPE will first survey the needs and priorities among Central and Eastern European and EU local and regional authorities for transport and environment telematics solutions.

CAPE will then provide access to results of successful telematics projects through conference and training workshops, and will establish a dialogue on the needs of public authorities in the environment and transport sectors.

Additionally, CAPE aims at involving authorities in EU programmes and to establish direct links between local authorities in the EU and CEE.

CAPE will support the accession process of Central and Eastern European countries to the European Union by assisting local and regional authorities at the pan-European level to exchange their experiences and to work together in the future.


The above goals will be achieved in the following way:

  • Developing a contact database of environmental and transport experts within local and regional authorities in the EU and the CEE.
  • Surveying the status and priorities for telematics solutions in CEE and the EU in the framework of the organisational, technical and legal regulations for transport and environmental telematics. Reports completed on a country by country basis to be uploaded on the CAPE webpage.
  • Showcasing best practice in the areas of environment (for the EU and CEE) and transport telematics (for CEE) on the basis of results from ongoing demonstration work.
  • Contributing to consensus formation among public authorities through two large conferences in the first semester of 1999.
  • Two training workshops focusing on transport and one on environmental issues


CAPE invites all local and regional authorities in the EU and CEE countries who feel they have a need for efficient, low-cost, broadly-tested telematics solutions in the environment and transport field to participate in CAPE.

Project Team

POLIS – Promotion of Operational Links with Integrated Services
Anne Grünkorn a.grunkorn@eurocities.be

GSF - Gestionnaires Sanss Frontières - Romania
Madeleine Iorga gsf1@dial.kappa.ro

ISEP - International Society for Environmental Protection
Martin Mudri martin.mudri@isep.at

PPI - Prague Project Institute
Jan Kasik dhv@terminal.cz

REC - The Regional Environment Centre for Central and Eastern Europe
Jerome Simpson jsimpson@rec.org

RC - Rupprecht Consult
Siegfried Rupprecht srupprecht@netcologne.de

Outputs (Reports and Publications)


Information on CAPE at the REC


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