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International Conference Proceedings
June 4-5, 1998
Szentendre, Hungary

Editors: W. Pillmann, J. Simpson.
192 p., ISBN 3-9500036-7-3.
Innovative Services and Solutions for the Citizen, Air Quality Management, Water Quality and Resource Management, Digital Networks, Tools for Environmental Assessment and Planning, European Environmental Information Systems, Telematics Support for Sustainable Transport Systems, EU Funding Rules.

PDF download: part 1 (1,9 MB), part 2 (1,8 MB)


Opening Session

Welcome and Introduction
J. Stritih, The Regional Environmental Center, HU

Welcome Address of the CEE Host Country
K. Akots, Ministry for Environment and Regional Policy, HU

Welcome Address of the EU Presidency
A. Eagle, State Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions, UK

EU Environmental Policies and Priorities Related to Agenda 2000
J. Jörgensen, European Commission DG XI (ENLARGEMENT Unit), BE

The Environment Action in the Information Society Research Programme
W. Boch, for M. Richonnier, European Commission DGXIII-C (Telematics), BE

Environment Applications in Information Society Technologies Research
J-J. Lauture and W. Boch, European Commission DG XIII Telecommunications, Information

Market and Exploitation of Results, BE

CEE Requirements in the Environmental Sector (and the View to Approximation)
J. Beneš, Ministry of Environment, Environmental Strategies Department, CZ

An Overview of the Strategic Value and Status of Environment Telematics in CEE
N. Dimov, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Environment and Waters, BG

Air Quality Management

EMMA: Developing and Validating Air Quality Monitoring and Forecasting in Urban Areas
M. Cecchi, Italtel Telesis, IT

ECOSIM: An Urban Environmental Management Information System
K. Fedra, Environmental Software and Services GmbH, AT

ENSIS: A Modern System for Air and Water Quality Management
T. Bøhler, Norwegian Institute for Air Research, NO

Remote Sensing as Tool for Vehicle Exhaust Emission Control
L. Asboth, Municipal Transportation Authority, HU, and

I. Polay, Environmental Affairs Dept., Mayor's Office of the City of Budapest, HU

Transboundary Air Quality Monitoring in the Black Triangle Region
B. Kobus, Voivodship Inspectorate for Environmental Protection, Jelenia Gora, PL

Water Quality and Resource Management

WATERNET: On-line Monitoring and Assessment of River Basin Water Quality
A. Billington, Lyonnaise des Eaux, FR

Towards an Integrated Danube River Basin Information System
I. Ruži , Ru er Boškovi Institute, CRO, and

W. Pillmann, International Society for Environmental Protection, Vienna, AT

SNIRH: Globally accessible water resources data
J .Ribeiro. da Costa, University of Lisbon, PT

Water Quality Monitoring and Accident Emergency Warning Systems in the Danube River Basin
I. Natchkov, Danube Water Programme, AT

Use of Telematics in Water Quality Management and Monitoring in Hungary
F. László, Water Resources Research Centre (Vituki), HU

Panel Discussion Summary (day one)

Constraints and Problems in the Transferability of Telematics Applications and their Implementation
Summarised by D. Urbaniak and J. Simpson,

The Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe, HU

Digital Networks: Administrative and Public Access to Environmental Information

TEMSIS: A Transnational Environmental Network
B. Hoffman, Stadtverband Saarbrücken, DE

REMSSBOT: Integrating Distributed Local Environmental Information Systems
P. Gallo, C. Inguaggiato, L.Viarengo, CSI, IT

ENVIROCITY: Delivering Environmental Information to the Public
M. Spring, Environmental Department, City of Munich, DE

IOZIP: The Prague Environmental Information System; Information for City Authorities and the Public
J. Ś olc, Institute of Municipal Informatics, Prague, CZ

Community Building through the Telecottage Network - The Practice of Estonian NGOs
T. Otsason, The Association of Estonian Rural Telecottages, Pyhalepa, EE

Tools for Environmental Assessment and Planning

E-MAIL - Decision Support Systems for Environmental Managers in Regional Public Organisations
E. B. Innocenti, AAT, IT

COSIMA: A Support Tool for Experts in Contaminated Site Management
A. Hutchinson, B. Doyle, ESBIC Ltd., IR

The Phare Corine Inventories in CEE; a Support Tool for Environmental Decisionmakers
G. Büttner, Phare Land Cover Technical Unit and FOMI Remote Sensing Centre, Budapest, HU

ECOMANAGEMENT: Facilitating the Adoption of Environmental Management Programmes in SMEs
E. Ricque-Mathien, Project Ecomanagement, FR

TWENTY-ONE: Improved Distribution and Availability of Multimedia Documents via the Internet
J. ten Hagen, Geotronics Software, NL

European Environmental Information Systems

Development of the EIONET, the European Environment Information and Observation Network
H. Saarenmaa, European Environment Agency, DK

CDS - Catalogue of Data Sources
S. Jensen, Ministry of Environment, Lower Saxony, DE

Expanding the EIONET; A CEE Case Study
E. Szabo, Ministry of Environment and Regional Policy, HU

Telematics Support for Sustainable Transport Systems

QUARTET PLUS: Using Transport Telematics to Reduce Travel Time - and Environmental Pressure
G. Franco, MIZAR Automazione, IT

EFFECT: Local Air Quality Prediction and Effective Traffic Demand Management
N. Hodges, Leicester City Council, UK

The POLIS Network
L. Lonza, POLIS Network, BE

EU Funding Rules

Expected Rules for the Participation of CEE Countries in the FP5-IST Programme
W. Boch, European Commission DGXIII-C6, BE

Phare Multi-Country Programme for Environment
K. Borissov, Phare Multi-Country Liaison Office for Environment, HU

K. Ember, ECOS-Ouverture, HU

Panel Discussion Summary (day two)

Priorities for CEE Environment Telematics Initiatives under the 5 th RTD Framework Programme
Summarised by D. Urbaniak and J. Simpson,

The Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe, HU


Szentendre Statement

Conference Agenda

List of Participants


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